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Personal Brand Development, Direct Marketing Tools and Unparalleled Creative Design for Your Business

Have you heard what your marketing materials are saying about you?

The hardest aspect of any successful marketing campaign is creating an image, then designing marketing materials around that image that accurately carry your message to your clientele. At East Ridge Printing we’ve got the expertise you need to build your personal brand and stop your marketing message from getting lost in translation.

Our designers work with you personally to build an image and a customized logo design for your organization. When you’re satisfied with the symbols of your personal brand we’ll use our resources to bring that brand to life through business cards, trade show booths, presentation packets, trade ads, direct mail postcards and thousands of other marketing and promotional materials developed exclusively for you by the talented members of our specialized creative team.

Stop wondering if your marketing campaign is saying the words you want your clients to hear. Contact us today to take the first steps toward building the personal brand your business deserves.

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