When you’re knee deep in digital printing projects all day long, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is going to know whether they should go with digital printing or bob and weave to the sounds of a traditional offset press. With that in mind, and the sound of the digital printer whirring in my ear, I thought I’d kick off the week with a quick run-down of the pros and cons of digital printing.

The Pros:

1) It’s cheap-relatively speaking. Since all the cost is upfront with offset printing, up to a certain point you’re going to pay a lower price per piece for digitally printed products.

2) You wind up with considerably less waste. One of my absolute favorite things about digital printing is the fact that you can print your pieces to order. So while you may pay more per piece to order 300 instead of 1,000, you won’t find yourself throwing away 700 brochures/flyers/guidebooks because they’re outdated either.

3) Personalization isn’t as far away as you think. Have you ever heard of variable digital printing, or variable data printing? Welcome to the power of the digital press. Insert your customer’s names and account numbers, personalize entire paragraphs and send out custom pieces to your entire mailing list with the press of a button.

4) Professional appearance without the professional cost. Remember how we said digital printing was cheap? The best thing about digital printing is that you sacrifice absolutely nothing in terms of quality, so small business owners can look as professional as a Fortune 500 corporation.

Digital printing

The Cons:

1) More cost per piece. Offset presses are designed to run huge volumes of printed products at one time, which means that once you creep past that 1,000 pieces+ mark you may pay less on a per piece basis than you would using a digital press.

2) Fewer mediums. Digital printing presses are quickly catching up to offset presses in terms of what they can and can’t print on, but we’re not there yet! So if you want to print on wood, rock or cloth, an offset press may be your best bet. For a few more years, anyway…

3) Um…um…nope, I’ve got nothing!

What do you love/dislike/despise about digital printing?

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Hello, and welcome to the first part in our five part series on non-profit fundraising! At East Ridge Printing we get to work with non-profits from all across the country, and I can quite honestly say that absolutely nothing feels better than helping an organization reach its goals to give back to the community. With that in mind, I wanted to kick this series off by talking about marketing tools for non-profit fundraising.

Why? Because that’s what we do.

Direct Mailers

It doesn’t seem to matter how far into the digital age we’ve come. The direct mailer, or direct mail piece, or direct mail marketing piece, whatever your organization happens to call it, is still one of the key tools in the arsenal of any non-profit organization. Direct mailers deliver your message directly to the doorstep of your key participant, whether they’re a donor, an attendee or a sponsor, and they do a great job of making sure people see your message they way you mean it to be seen.


Non-profit fundraising may have its share of exclusive, invitation-only events, but it also has its fair share of public events that definitely warrant putting posters up in very public places. A good poster should have its share of savvy design elements, carefully chosen colors and, perhaps most importantly, easy to find information!

Now, I’m not much of one to recommend ordering materials in bulk for multiple events, since it’s so easy for things to change and you to wind up holding on to piles of posters, brochures and cards that are literally useless, but event posters with your organization’s logo and a little spot underneath to write in the name, date, time and location of your event are a great, low-budget way to advertise your events without having to spend a fortune to reprint those posters if the date happens to change.

Personalized Invitations

If you’re going to be sending out invitations to your non-profit fundraising event, step it up a little bit by using the personalization features offered by digital variable printing. Putting their name on their invitation rather than sending out invitations en masse is a classy way to make a great first impression.

Are there more ways to market your non-profit fundraising event? Of course there are! Stay tuned for more in our fundraising series, and don’t forget to put your own comments below!

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